Spring fun at the mountain where bamboo shoot flies

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A mountain of bamboo shoots in Sajiro, Okuizumo-cho,Japan. A lot of bamboo shoots are going to be released this year, but there are not enough people to take! The place is also the mountain where the slash-and-burn field experiment is carried out. After carrying the bamboo and burning down for the fire in May, I will do a party of bamboo shoots. Negotiable for tent nights at the ranch grazing ranch.


sono1……April 9 (Sun)
sono2……April 15 (Sat)
sono3……March 16 (Sun)

◉Meeting place&Time
It is approximately 9:30 gathering on a Damu no mieru bokujou (529-1,sajiro,Okuizumo-cho, Shimane prefecture ,Japan). We will work till around 16:00 taking a break several times.

◉Entry fee
Basically it’s free.

◉What to bring, clothing
・Bread and drinks prepared by yourself, We will prepare ingredients to cook at the party here.
・Water bottle for refilling water, bottle drink, etc.
・Long-sleeved clothes and bandana covered hair and towels etc.
・Shoes and boots that are hard to slip on the slope and are easy to walk.
・Work gloves

◉entry matter
mail adress
Requested date
Please send by the form below.

Wanted Volunteers to Preserve Satoyama in Okuizumo,Japan

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A volunteer participant is recruiting through the menu below.
It is mainly outdoor activities. Beginners, veteran, age and young and old, …anyone welcome!  No problem!  Because people are not enough!
Please send a mail by form→Okuizumosansonjuku(http://s-orochi.org/public/archives/520)

1. Preservation of devastating bamboo groves …… It is logging, transporting and bamboo. Various for reborn into a pleasant bamboo forest.
2. Preparation of slash and barn(as traditional agricultural practices).
3. Preparation for turnip seeds …… In order to leave a nice turnip seed, we also grab and eat ”nabana” flowers and care for it.
4. Making tools for bamboo papers, fiber drying, prototyping, etc.
5. Sorting of millets and trial production of dishes.
6. As preparation for the event in late April, preparation for making bamboo papers that can be experienced by parents and children or preparing bamboo cups.
7. Survey of listening to the elderly as a regional food culture survey.

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