Spring fun at the mountain where bamboo shoot flies

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A mountain of bamboo shoots in Sajiro, Okuizumo-cho,Japan. A lot of bamboo shoots are going to be released this year, but there are not enough people to take! The place is also the mountain where the slash-and-burn field experiment is carried out. After carrying the bamboo and burning down for the fire in May, I will do a party of bamboo shoots. Negotiable for tent nights at the ranch grazing ranch.


sono1……April 9 (Sun)
sono2……April 15 (Sat)
sono3……March 16 (Sun)

◉Meeting place&Time
It is approximately 9:30 gathering on a Damu no mieru bokujou (529-1,sajiro,Okuizumo-cho, Shimane prefecture ,Japan). We will work till around 16:00 taking a break several times.

◉Entry fee
Basically it’s free.

◉What to bring, clothing
・Bread and drinks prepared by yourself, We will prepare ingredients to cook at the party here.
・Water bottle for refilling water, bottle drink, etc.
・Long-sleeved clothes and bandana covered hair and towels etc.
・Shoes and boots that are hard to slip on the slope and are easy to walk.
・Work gloves

◉entry matter
mail adress
Requested date
Please send by the form below.

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